About Us

Experience the homemade taste of the

traditional recipes, made by hand.

& Quality

Certified according to the highest IFS standard

Our experienced quality management team controls our products from the ingredients to the finished product.

Homemade taste

We make our sweets using traditional and tested recipes handed down over the years, continuously refined and improved by our food technologists.

Quality begins with hygiene

Working with food takes great responsibility towards the consumers and our staff takes this responsibility seriously, receiving regular and through trainings. Fresh air gets in through special filters to prevent bacteria from entering the manufacture.

High-quality ingredients

We supply the very highest quality and fresh ingredients selected from the approved suppliers. Once we receive the ingredients, they are additionally tested in accredited laboratories.

No GMO ingredients

No genetically modified ingredients are used in the production of our products.

Trans fatty acid levels below 1.0%

The level of trans fatty acid in all Sunday products are significantly lower than the legal maximum of 2% currently sought.

Modified atmosphere packaged product

Sunday products are packed in modified atmosphere in nitrogen.